My Tennessee Summer 2022

The rains of Spring brought lush grass, boxwoods plump and frilly with new growth and Japanese Iris doubled from last year in the front bed. I enjoy early mornings outside planting. This year, I set up new beds with heirloom roses, peonies, dahlias and hosta. My friend, Kathy Hester, helped me break up the clay soil and mix worm castings, bone meal and peat moss with garden soil to enhance growth. I’m reminded of Claude Monet creating his own flower gardens for subjects to paint. Maybe one day, I’ll add my own Japanese Bridge like his at Giverny, France.

Hiking at Radnor Lake with my friends offers, beautiful lake vistas, woodland animals and enchanting trees. I bring my sketch pad to record the current color palate and light/shadow of future paintings in watercolor or acrylic media. I take photos and notes for art and writing like these below.

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