I’m an Nashville impressionist artist. A city girl with roots in the country and subjects ranging from land and seascapes to yoga, figures in motion and furry friends. As a student of color theory and painting the ever-changing effects of light, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Master’s degree in Art Education. Faith, family and friends make my life as an artist complete.

Bringing the Ocean to You in 2021

When we visit the Gulf each year, I take pictures and videos of the glorious blues and greens of the water and sky.  I love the antics of the shorebirds amidst the walkers, runners and babies on the beach. This year has been different with the Covid-19 closing up the beaches so I’ve relied on my photos to remind me of the colors and videos for the sound of the waves and wind. I hope your feel the ocean coming to you with the paintings in Ocean Dreams.


After years of teaching with limited materials and curricula, I enjoy working with new products and processes.  I usually work in watercolor, pencil and charcoal for plein air pieces at the beach, lake or pastoral landscape. These are stand alone works or models for larger work in acrylic, oil, oil pastel and mixed media.

Art Quotes

We live in changing times with social and news media saturated with turbulent information for each individual to sort through on a personal level. As an artist, I use the turbulence to fuel my passion to create art.  I study the teachings and lives of other artists for inspiration and reflection.

Robert Henri (1865-1929) American artist and teacher.  “Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.”