Ocean Dreams

Sold Coastal Blue Bayou

Color play with blue ocean tones, hang together or separately.

Set of 3 | 5 x7 acrylic and oil pastel on 1/2 ” deep canvas | 150.|


*Sold Cool Hues

A fun palette of water tones in creating these panels, hung together or with a group for a fabulous color wall.

Set of 2  | 8 x 8 acrylic and oil pastel on 1/2 ”  deep canvas | 150.

*The original paintings are sold, but the patterns will return as fabric totes for Spring 2019.




By the Sea

I’ll never tire of painting the ocean. It is always catching and reflecting the light and shifting with the winds.  As an artist, it is an enjoyable challenge. 

Sold Azure Angles: I noticed the morning wind slanting the waves consistently toward the west. Cloudy skies, but peaceful movement full of color in the glorious Gulf. 

12 x 12 on 1/2 ” deep canvas |acrylic and oil pastel | 150 |

Sold Sunset Sea: Painting near an a rocky beach open to an inlet, late afternoon golden tones. Rich contrast, foamy waves on the rocks. I hurried to catch the light before the sunset.

12 x 12 on 1/2 inch deep canvas | acrylic and oil pastel | 150|